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Run Bangladesh

  • Mission: To create world-class race events that inspire participants to take on challenging and life-affirming adventures.

  • Vision: To contribute towards a better society by delivering events that are socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Values:
    Integrity: We operate our business fairly and sustainably.
    Community: We respect our highly valued communities of participants, volunteers, staff, and event stakeholders.
    Authenticity: We organize events with genuine challenge at their core.

  • Background: Run Bangladesh is a rapidly growing endurance sports event organization dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through world-class racing experiences. With a team of skilled individuals boasting extensive experience in racing and race management, RB is committed to client partnerships from the outset.

  • Achievements: Run Bangladesh has successfully organized several noteworthy events, including Bangladesh's first AIMS-certified international race at the 25km distance, the Chattogram 25K 2023 held at the University Of Chittagong . The event saw 650 runners from 8 nations lining up at the start. Additionally, Run Bangladesh organized Sylhet's first AIMS-certified international race at the 25km distance, the Sylhet 25K 2023, with 900 runners from 5 nations participating. Other notable events include the Chattogram Trail Half Marathon 2022 and Akahura Half Marathon 2021.

    Strategy: Run Bangladesh's strategy revolves around hosting various sports events and learning sessions to promote a functional and healthy social unit and way of life. The organization aims to contribute to society by fostering social bonding through competition and initiating the "Run for Better Bangladesh" campaign.

    Core Activities:
    1. Endurance Sports Events: Run Bangladesh specializes in organizing endurance sports events that challenge and inspire participants.
    2. Learning Sessions: The organization conducts learning virtual sessions to educate and empower participants on the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.
    3. Client Partnership: Run Bangladesh values client partnerships from the outset, ensuring a collaborative approach to event organization.

    Commitment to Social Responsibility: Run Bangladesh is committed to social and environmental responsibility. The organization strives to make a positive impact on society through its events and endeavors.

    Future Aspirations: Run Bangladesh aspires to continue creating world-class race events that not only challenge participants but also contribute to the well-being of society. The organization aims to expand its reach, promoting active and healthy lifestyle communities and creating opportunities for individuals to embrace a more vibrant way of life.

    In essence, Run Bangladesh is more than an event organizer; it is a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals to push their limits and fostering a sense of community and well-being.

    Let's together make history with innovation.

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